Featured Artwork: "Breaking Down"

Featured Artwork: "Breaking Down"



Hi there, 

I hope you are doing okay and holding you head high in our times. We are not the only place to be experiencing political/societal chaos, and it is also valid to have all kinds of emotions during times in which our lives have drastically changed, and are continuing to.

I am starting a segment on my blog here called "Featured Artworks," where I dive a little deeper into selected artworks. And, in response to further disturbing events in the U.S., I am starting off with "Breaking Down." 

This piece is about the crumbling of our nation's false narrative, and the breaking down and possible rebirth of ourselves in the process. I made this in response to Bernie Sanders' dropout in the 2020 presidential election race.

I felt hopeless, afraid, and angry at what we were moving towards as a nation. I felt powerless, and then I realized... I am powerful. I created this in response to something happening, and documented a period that may be remembered for a long time. I was waking up to the truth behind our nation, grieving that the dreams and false claims were fed to us and morphed us for the worse. 

When I saw what I was believing and projecting, I cringed. I felt used, I felt stupid, and I felt betrayed. They say that "things get worse before they get better," and I cling onto that hope that perhaps we are going through some hard times, and will remember these times, learn from them, and change to create a more loving, caring, equal society/world. 

And, the thing about that cringing feeling... that's a great sign! To feel a change in the emotional response and realize what you have done or what has been done to you, cringe or have that response, and carry on with compassion... is just beautiful. It is a sign and reminder that you have grown. We are capable of change, and creating that change we wish to see the world. 

I feel a fire within to do what I can to help the good work happening for the people, by the people. With that said, I am planning to donate a portion of future sales for a period of time to organizations that are saving us and doing good.

I also am trying to remember to take care in this time. I hold onto the gratitude I have for being here, for having another chance each day I wake up, and for all I have been given - blessings and lessons. 

I wish you well on your way, thank you for stopping by, and thank you for tuning in. 


- Amber 


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