Thank You for a Wonderful Year!

Thank You for a Wonderful Year!

Hi Dreamers,

It's good to be with you once more as we wrap up a whirlwind of a year here. We persevered through obstacle after obstacle, went through so many trials and errors, and grew in ways I never imagined.

I appreciate you being here and supporting us through the journey as we complete our 2nd year in sharing art. I always think back to the days when I didn't think this was possible. So to be here now, I think - the sky's the limit!

Cheers to whatever comes next, and I wish us all the best in 2024.


If you missed us during the birthday celebration, we celebrated my birthday and DDD's birthday this month on the 14th. 

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Below is a fun snapshot of the Highs, Lows, and Dreams for next year:

More on Highs of the year:

* DDD participated in 25 events this year, ranging from pop up markets to poppin' art shows. 

* We increased our sales by more than 3x of what we sold last year, and I'm excited to continue growing this business.

*I embarked in more opportunities that I didn't expect, but helped elevate me and this space like my business incubator program through ESO Ventures. We soon will be DBA (doing business as) DDD!!! :)

* I met so many more wonderful folks who are either on a similar journey, who appreciate us here, or don't hold judgment on us for not being perfect or what THEY expect.

More on Lows of the year:

* I've forgotten lots of details and small (but big) things at pop ups, struggled with my set up, overworked myself and burnt out by fall. I still to this day am trying to be more careful with my body. 

* I didn't prepare myself for slow months, didn't get holiday offerings out in time, and didn't accomplish a lot of the visions I had for logistics, sales, offerings, etc.

* I didn't meet everyone's expectations! It's been a hard, but amazing lesson in remembering that you're not going to please everyone in what you do. I've come across hate, jealously, pettiness, and so much more. It's hard to deal with, but I no longer feel regret for not caring that I'm not what folks project me to be. I no longer care for their opinions - you're just giving your power and stance away when you ridicule, impolitey/sarcastically criticize, or "just make a joke" ;).

More on Dreams for next year:

* I will likely outsource more inventory and find more ways  to meet a demand and have enough product to consistently sell without breaking my back.

* I want to expand on my original artworks and participate in more art shows next year. While I'm happy I vended many events, not all were a hit (financially - there is ALWAYS good that comes from events) and I definitely still missed painting this year. I want to be in more gallery, coffee shop/restaurant, art show spaces next year.

Stay tuned - I lined up an opportunity to showcase art to kick off the new year right!

* I would love to host some type of event one day, whether I'm showcasing with friends, putting together an art party, or teaching a workshop. I remember party planning as a kid and had a BLAST!

* I want to make more impact like through my donation sales. We did make a small donation recently to the Medical Aid for Palestinians organization, but I know I can do more to help and want to help more causes doing good work. I want to acquire more data in my customer response/review so I can better serve my community.

* I want to embrace the new me that's unfolding, and continue onward!!!


To see that we are moving forward and making waves is more than a dream come true. Getting financially stable is key and amazing, but the impact is what I live for. 

Art and self expression is a part of me, and finding ways to communicate and share with you is the best thing ever.

Thank YOU for being a part of our family, for supporting me, and being a huge part in our growth.


As for ALL the things currently in the shop...

Everything is updated, and just about everything in stock won't be recreated again in 2024.

What I have left is all that's left, and we are getting down to the wire on what's available. The soaps I made started moving fast, I made some final, special batches of clothing, and created some beautiful stationary products that won't be made again after they're gone. 

The only place you'll be able to shop more inventory of these clothing designs - Roots tee, El Ciclo tee, Virgo Moon tee, and El Ciclo sweater - is at Method Made in San Francisco.

Be sure to shop with us now before these offerings are gone for good. It's time to move on and create anew in 2024!!!


Thanks for reading, being here, and I wish you the very best onward. May we have a safe, fun end of the year, 

Dream your wildest dreams,

Drift to where you're called,

& Design your life.




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