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Down to Earth Soap Bar

Down to Earth Soap Bar

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You're as chill as they come! Give yourself a soothing refresh with this earthly inspired soap.


This is a limited batch of body soap bars handmade by yours truly! I recently got the opportunity to learn how to make them using the cold process system, so now I'm excited to share these with you.


This Down to Earth bar is Sage & Lavender scented, and topped off with calendula petals on top.

Bars are available in two weight groups:

Regular Bar:

$7.25 Each 

Big Bar:

$9.25 Each


Ingredients Used (From Largest to Smallest Quantity): Coconut/Palm/Olive Oil, 50/50 Lye Mix, Water, Aloe Gel, Sage & Lavender Essential Oil, Kaolin/Bentonite/Rhassoul Clay, Himalayan Salt, Activated Charcoal Powder, Tumeric Powder, Copper Mica, & Calendula Petals

Happy Refresh! :)


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