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Strawberry Pie-Shake Body Soap Bar

Strawberry Pie-Shake Body Soap Bar

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You're Innovative, Memorable, and Inspirational by Routine. Cleanse, Seep in Your Sweetness, and Keep Surprising the World with this Soap.


Strawberry Pie-Shake is a Strawberry Macaron/Vanilla Whip Scented scented soap is a part of the second release of body soap bars handmade by Amber. These bars of soaps are beautiful and smell lovely!

After having a chance to learn how to make these soaps, these have provided me with another way to stay in touch with my creative practice while needing a break from other areas like printmaking, etc.


These soaps are made with Organic, Natural, Vegan products, made with Cruelty Free products, made with Allergen Free products, and each batch of soap is pH tested for your safety.

Ingredients from largest to smallest quantity:

*Coconut, RSPO Palm, & Olive Oil, 50/50 Lye Mix, Water, Aloe Gel, Strawberry Macaron/Vanilla Whip Essential Oil, Kaolin/Amazonian Red Clay, & Himalayan Salt.


These soaps weight around ~2.8 ounces.

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