Checking In

Checking In

Hello hello dreamers,

How are you? With all that is going on in our world, I hope you can find a moment to catch your breath. I am wishing you all a wonderful week ahead. 

It feels like a nice time to check in here now that this site has been up for almost a few months. There has been many successes and fails already, and overall has been so fun.

Since opening, I have:

*Found motivation

*Messed up attempts at projects

*Vended at my first event

*Lost personal investment

*Made our first sale under this name

*Forgot to tell a customer care instructions for a shirt

*Held a sale

*Messed up my email campaign

*Received a grant as an artist

*Wondered if I was a con artist, a phony, or should give up

*Taken or signed up for courses to educate me and grow

*Found joy in this practice

*Felt passion and a drive to continue

When you know your passion and path and believe, it doesn't matter if you are perfect or the best or the greatest now, or ever. I'm not the most talented artist, but I know I have POTENTIAL, PASSION, and find PEACE from art. And that's what will take me far. 

And although this isn't a "full time" thing, I am happy. I landed an art teaching job working with kids and started that late January, so things seem to be falling in a place. 

I look forward to the journey ahead. 

Take good care, check out the site updates and offerings available, and stay tuned. I am planning to update the shop here in the next week or two. And as always, don't stop dreaming!



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