Collection: The Mandala Series Original Paintings

A resurrection and declaration that I'm an artist. The Mandala Series is the 1st series of artworks to be completed under Dream Drifter Designs. All made between 2022-2023.

Each piece is a stepping stone in coming back to my practice:

🌺 Bloom 🌸: Beginning anew, blooming into who I am, flourishing and embracing myself and my path.

🧡 Lucky Love 🍀: Every day is a gift and a new chance to try or live in love. I'm lucky to be here, trying again with my art and enjoying myself. 

✨ Empower⚡: Feeling more confidence, feeling assurance in myself, embracing my power and my art and becoming one. 

💙Cool Dream 🌬️ (SOLD): The culmination of my energy in this whole series. I've persevered through mistakes and moments, and have crossed to the other side. I'm in a Cool Dream now sharing and creating my art, and I don't want to wake up! 


These pieces taught me so much. Don't miss out on an amazing opportunity and investment in art like this!

The Mandala Series Original Paintings