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About the Artist:


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 Amber Ramirez (she/her) is a Mexican artist who was born and raised on the beautiful coast in Fort Bragg, California, U.S. in the mid 90s. I was adventurous, bold, and curious as a kid. I followed my gut, and I gave my all in all that I did.




I loved to draw what was in front of me. I remember my earliest memory of creating was drawing a spider on the back of my parents' dresser in this cool wooden dome house we lived in.

When I started taking art classes in middle school, I began to dabble with painting, and I feel that's when my interest and exploration with art really began to blossom. 

Growing up by the redwoods and the ocean instilled a lifelong value and appreciation for nature and the natural things in our lives: the ebb and flow throughout our lives, being true to ourselves, being imperfect, and embracing change. It shows in my work.




Although I did find myself studying art for my bachelor's degree, I still struggled to identify with who I was and denied myself the confrontation and healing I needed to move on and start over. I remember shaking trying to create once, and knew I couldn't live in such a way that made me so fearful of even the things I loved so much.
After feeling fed up enough of the misery I caused myself, I knew I needed to make change and embark in the journey I've longed for for so long. I began to align myself on a path that serves myself and serves community, by finding related work and creating DDD. This space holds me accountable in my journey, allows me to share and sell my work, and is another encouraging story in going for what you want. I know the journey has only begun, and I'm grateful. 



I feel so joyful to be teaching others to tap into their authenticity, their inner child, and creativity as I join alongside them and grow too. 

I'm learning from wonderful people, building a community here, and growing more comfortable in my skin. This is a safe space for me to explore, to express myself, and expand as an artist. 

This is my dream.   

 Thank you for being here! - Amber 


Dream Drifter Designs is a home for the art and offerings of Mexican artist Amber Ramirez - as well a motto for our lives:

DREAM Your Wildest Dreams.

DRIFT to Where You're Called.

Design YOUR Life!

DDD is all about the encouragement to:

Dream big, drift towards where your intuition takes you, explore life, make mistakes, choose love, be silly, accept our flaws, be compassionate, be different, work with all the (e)motions, enjoy the little things, go for the stars, feel alive, and create our lives by our design - thus creating positive change in and around us. 




Behind the Logo:

The "D" with the bow and arrow represents my zodiac sign: the Sagittarius or half centaur half human. A fire sign, Sagittarius folks tend to experience life as an adventure. We can be curious, passionate, optimistic, and constantly craving change. I definitely embody those characteristics, and embrace it through this logo/small business. 

I am a Dreamer: brainstorming numerous ideas, dreams, and possibilities - whether or not for creations - and envisioning the world I want to see come to fruition. 

We are imaginative, our world is so beautiful, and life has so much to offer. Through the chaos and lows, we can still dream, believe, enjoy our time here, and make/influence positive change. 

I am a Drifter: I ponder over many things, and drift towards where my intuition takes me. 

It is okay to drift, to wander, and explore to your heart's desires. You never know what you might come across! And those experiences are all part of the journey.

I am a Designer: I create as I please, have unique visions, and weave together my life by my choosing. I take charge of my healing, my creativity, and my wellbeing.

By doing so, I break societal cycles, family cycles, and sow the seeds for real, positive change to take place. I design my future!


Thank You For Joining Me.

Art heals and it has importance. Whether you dance, box, write, or cook - the art and love of our practices can help us individually, and collectively. Never give up on your dreams, and don't sell yourself short.
Be a Dreamer. Be a Drifter. Design your future.