Featured Artwork: Growing

Featured Artwork: Growing

Hello dreamers, 

I wish you a wonderful week ahead! I am feeling energized after resting and participating in the SF Pancakes & Booze Art Show the previous weekend, and had a blast! 

I connected with many creatives, received helpful feedback, and am inspired to continue onward after that event. It had been years since just showcasing my work - eeep! It was so fun to switch gears. Thank to all who put it on, who participated, and came out to support!

I showcased 7 pieces ranging from watercolors to Posca markers, and sold an original drawing - this one that is featured today, Growing - on the second night to a kind new friend who truly resonated with it. Those are the precious moments as an artist that make the journey so so worth it! It's such a wonderful feeling.  


So on today's edition of Featured Artworks, I'm featuring "Growing" and its story!

This piece was created in January of 2020 with Posca markers on brown paper. It's about 7 x 5 inches. 

I remember when I made it, I couldn't believe the actual positive change taking place was possible. Here's a chunk of an old Instagram post reflecting on my thoughts behind creating this piece:

"You mean, we don't have to accept our current terms and we can actually change our lives? Yes! We just have to want it.

And when we do, we plant seeds of intentions, wishes, and goals. Like plants, they must be watered and cared for to grow.

As we put efforts and love into the things we want to see come to fruition, those seeds of intention sprout, grow inward, and blossom outward into the physical world. I tried to capture the beautiful process here."


When I look at this, I think about just how powerful we are. I look at that hand and feel the world in my palms. I feel the power that I have and realize I am capable of anything and everything I set my mind to, consciously or not. I accept I am responsible for my life and my reality, and realize that I am Growing.

And I will always be Growing, and that's cool. That's super cool, actually. When we accept that we know it all, we limit ourselves from learning and taking in more. I want to face myself, embrace myself, love myself, and grow again and again. 

I am the only one who is capable of planting seeds of change, watering and tending to those seeds, and creating positive, real life change in my life. What a cool journey we're on y'all. It's so nuts too, but we got this! I believe in you. 


I didn't plan to showcase and release this drawing for sale, but I had some curveballs when preparing. However, we always roll with the punches one way or another, and I ended up pulling this piece along with another drawing I didn't plan to share at this event. 

And Growing found a home, and the other drawing brought lots of joy to folks. Can you guess which piece it was? Let me know!

There are no print of this piece, however there is ONE collaged art book at this time that is available for purchase with this piece featured on it! 


This piece was solidifying in my confidence that I am powerful and can create my own destiny. Flash forward two years later - and we're still going for it baby!!! Whoop whooop! Cheers to Growing


And now, I'm excited to share that I will be participating in another Pancakes & Booze Show, but in a different location - in Los Angeles!!! - later this Spring! I am extremely excited and grateful for another opportunity to share my art. I want to spread it around, travel, create, and have fun! I can't wait to share more details as they come. 



Blessings y'all. Take care, enjoy some sun when it's fun, and stay tuned!  
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