Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day!


Hello Dreamers,

It's good to be with you again as we soon end April, find the culmination of a chapter in our lives, and move onward together. I'm holding a special sale through the day - use the code EARTHDAY to save 22% on 22 products!


For Earth Day this year, I sat with many feelings. It took me a while to write all of this. I feel love, appreciation, and awareness for our home. Rage and fear for what's happening to it.
We've seen the effects of greed and destruction on this planet unfold. Colonialism and capitalism has also caused a big disconnection between us and our home.

It's scary wondering where our world is going as we face our own mortality. We see more extinct animal populations, ecosystems, and worse conditions.
According to this article from Environment America, the "U.S. produces more than 12% of the world's trash, but makes up 4% of the world's population. America's garbage largely consists of goods that are used only briefly."

At DDD, I aspire to be a brand that provides things you can cherish forever and pass along to loved ones. I also try my best to be mindful of what I consume and push for you to consume, too.

In the graphic there is a list of a few ways I try to be kind to our Earth, and I'll add a few more below as well:

  1. I order my stickers through Jukebox printing and select their eco-friendly sticker option to ensure I'm providing high quality stickers that are also mindful of the planet. Learn more about these eco-friendly sitckers here.
  2. I use paper bags, tissue paper, paper mailers, and recycled/reused materials as much as possible through my packaging. I also make my own paper clothing tags and get creative with many materials I've had or are perhaps unusual like the wooden plates I thrifted to paint on in my Mandala series. I strive to funnel in/out less plastic through my business.
  3. I first started printing my apparel designs on thrifted garments before printing on blanks. I know a great thrift place that has fun deals every day and it was fun to experiment around with my style as well. I print on blanks now, but also am open to printing on more older pieces and breathe in new life.
  4. Going off of clothing, I'm working to only use cotton, recycled/eco-friendly, or organic materials in my apparel or future cloth accessories. I've put out a few sweaters with polyester in them, and while they are still comfortable, it is still a material that restricts the body and its production and disposal can be more harmful to our environment. My first drop-shipped hoodies - The Fuerte and Rise hoodie - are made with organic cotton and recycled polyester. It's a bigger step in making change!
  5. I'm limiting my hand printed designs and striving to find a balance in timing to make enough throughout the year. These stencils are amazing, and they also do add more plastic out into the world. Perhaps, there is a way we can get crafty with our leftovers...
  6. I've donated new/semi-used supplies to be used by others, and apparel in my inventory stashes to pay it forward. It's a wonderful feeling to help in ways that feel good to myself, to others, and to our planet.
  7. I strive to research as best as possible in where my investments and dollars go - whether in pop ups, or materials. I don't want to support companies and businesses that do harm to others, who hurt our planet with irresponsible actions, and who use greed to the highest degree and abuse their power.

I also want to acknowledge Indigenous peoples around the world. If we truly love and care for our Earth - we support the liberation of our Indigenous peoples.

Indigenous peoples today take care of 80% of the world's remaining biodiversity - not corporations or colonial governments. Indigenous peoples do what's right and are murdered, displaced, treated poorly, and criminalized heavily in trade for a dystopian utopia.

We're often told to make big changes to better protect our Earth, but we wouldn't have to make these big changes if big changes weren't imposed on us in the first place.

I shouldn't have to buy an air purifier for my home and a pitcher that filters filtered water. We all should have access to bountiful ecosystems, to parks, to medicines that will keep us healthy. We shouldn't have to sabotage others, our own, and live in denial to build a prosperous life. Am I missing something here?!

Indigenous peoples here and around the globe deserve a quality life in their homes as they truly care for the Earth. These corporate/colonial giants need to be held accountable for all of their damage.


The NDN Collective is a non-profit that works to: "Build the collective power of Indigenous Peoples, communities, and Nations to exercise our inherent right to self-determination, while fostering a world that is built on a foundation of justice and equity
for all people and Mother Earth."

A portion of proceeds from sales between tonight and tomorrow will be donated to the NDN Collective to support their work in empowering Indigenous peoples in reclaiming their lives, purpose, and land back.

You can save 22% on 22 products with the Code: EARTHDAY at checkout through Tuesday, April 23rd, 2024.

Thank you for being here with your support. I look forward to all that changes, is implemented, and what will be done for more positive change and a healthier world. Take care and see you soon,


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