Merry May!

Merry May!

Hello fellow dreamers, 

It is the morning of May 3rd, 2022, I am laying in bed, and I am feeling all kinds of ways in this moment. 

I feel guilt, shame, and a lack of worthiness for not being a super amazing talented artist. I take up space in this world and at times feel that I am not enough. I think of all the current chaos in my life, and wonder how I will survive.

And then... I think - I'm laying in bed. There's a roof over my head. I have work, food, my mind/body/soul, good company, and a lot more to be grateful for. I live on this beautiful, chaotic, dreamy, surreal planet. I remember, I take my own time, I grow at my own pace, and I will continue to thrive as I have. 

Thriving doesn't mean everything is peachy keen and perfect, but I think giving your best and being yourself through your days and trying times, is thriving. 

I started DDD out of following my dreams to share my art, but I was also pushed by the influx of creativity and entrepreneurs that came out of the pandemic. I thought - wow - this is so cool - and also not fair! I had been creative all my life, and to have gone through my path and to start all over...I feel that I was falling behind my peers. They could just create what they wanted, and it had been so HARD for me. 

I felt like the gold rush was happening all over again. I knew if I kept waiting, I may never have gone for it. So, although I rushed to begin this next phase of my life, I remember my intentions, goals, life journey, and remember that it's okay to take my time. 

I know who I am, I am remembering my path, and doing the deep digging of work to create these changes I wish to see.

Has anyone else been on a path like this? Where the thing you love morphs, breaks down, and you have to start all over? I was getting better with my art in my teens, and by the time I finished college, I was so broken that my hands would shake when trying to create. It has been a long road in rediscovering that passion and mojo, but it is moving along and I am feeling stronger and more sure over time. 

In this new month of May in 2022, I aspire to follow MY timeline, create at MY pace, and not rush for ANYONE. I also am SO ready to let go of my old stories that drag along. I don't need to hold onto negativity and old ideas that are not a part of who I am. 

*Say it with me!:

"I clear out the old, 

What no longer holds,

So that I may see,

What's left to unfold.

I clear out the old,

And make room for more.

I invite love, compassion,

And kindness, forever more."

And *HUZZAH*! It is done. 

What's Ahead

I have a new batch of wearable art that has been slowly been coming together, and I look forward to sharing those this month. I am starting with the release of a limited amount of tank tops!  

I had been on a crunch-crank-out zone trying to prepare for another vending event I was to participate in last month, but I ended up backing out. After having a weekend off this April, I realized again that I was going fast. I'm happy to be taking my time and sharing at my own pace. 

These were really fun to make in the moment, and I see the progression already from my first batch of screen printed clothing. I invite you to browse what's available, from my Crying is Cool design to my new Flower Power design. I also made 1 print of my OG Faces design. It's a special yellow-green color on a brown tank!


P.S. These were donated to me! I always try to acquire my clothing from donations, trades, and always away from big stores/companies. A big plus if the clothes are eco friendly. I hope in this way, I can do my best to not add to more trash or support others instead of big stores. 

Check them out! :)

I also have been leaning into the call to paint again, and I have a couple big canvases that have been in WIP (work in progress) mode for quite a while. I feel my heart opening and ready to start anew, and I feel that these paintings will be those statement, claim my power pieces. I am waiting to work a bit more on them before sharing more, but it is coming and I can't wait!

Both have to involve the spiritual journey, self love journey, looking at ourselves, and evolving into our truths. I will dive more into them later. :)

For now, I wish you all a Merry May. Take care, and hugs until we meet again.


-Amber <3

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