Merry May!

Merry May!

Happy May, Dreamers!

I can't believe we're moving through the year and starting a new May. The flowers are blooming, we still have a little rain on the way, and we're making our way towards summer here. 

April was a lively month for me - so lively that I didn't make it to writing a post on here! 

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This April, I wrapped up my circle mandala paintings, participated in an art show, put out a new shirt design (Check out the Roots tee in the shop!), and returned to vending with my first event of the year. I feel a change in this space. 

Preparing for events has come much easier than before. I'm *slowly* getting better at time management, finding myself and my style, and really trusting my gut with my decisions. 

I feel the full circle of completing a small circle in my journey, and feel grateful every day that I wake up and continue to work towards my dreams. Heck, I'm living them right now! 

I may not be rich and extremely successful, but comparing this to a past time when I was so sad, insecure, and not doing what I really wanted... I am rich in life. :) I hope you view your journey with compassion and remember we are all on our timelines, and we are the ones who can change our destiny if we really want things to be different. 


For May, I aspire to slow my roll a bit and enjoy the fruits of my labor. I want to find more events to vend at, and plan to roll out new offerings in my possession and a special mandala blog post soon to celebrate.

Stay tuned for it all, and thank you so much for being here. 

I hope this new month brings you magic, fun, and serenity. 


Amber :)


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