NEW Collaboration Project with Method Made!

NEW Collaboration Project with Method Made!

Greetings, Dreamers.

It's good to be back with you here as we vamp up our activity and dive into another Spring season.

I've been busy back and forth slowly venturing back into pop up markets, getting myself in order, and handling whatever else life throws my way. I'm lucky to be here, be with you all, and keep striving to forge a path for creativity to flow.


As of lately, I've released new offerings for Spring/Summer 2024 and have a new collection to showcase them all. Check out everything that's offered for sale here!

In addition to these new releases, there's a new t-shirt design I helped create for my family at Method Made SF and we need your support in making this come to life!

 Let me give you a little back story.


Method Made SF is an art gallery and art retail space in the Mission District in San Francisco that originally opened up shop in 2020 to help businesses transition online during the pandemic.

They've evolved now into this mighty space that showcases over 40 artists work - supporting artists local to the Bay and around the globe.


I met Neal - one of the curators at Method Made SF - back in October 2023 at a Sucka Flea Pop Up event. We exchanged contact information, and little by little, I made my way into the space.

Method Made SF was the first business to have my apparel inside their storefront, and my path has truly grown and evolved so much in such a short span of time. I just wrapped up my first pop up there in the space 4.5 and 4.6.24 and had a blast. Thank you all for having me, and thanks to all who stopped and shopped with us.


That being said, one of my new designs released this Spring includes a special collaborative design for the Method Made space. This is a design I hand drew and then was digitized by one of the epic curators, Jose.

This design incorporates colors that are used on the MM website, are used in my design work like The Dreamer Tee, and feels so true to what both MM and DDD represent. We're all about the raw authenticity, the process, staying true to our nature, uplifting others, and expressing ourselves through our art.


As of 4.5.24, this t-shirt design is available to pre-order through 4.20.2024. We need your support in making this tee come to life! If we don't have enough orders, we might not be able to see this dream come to fruition.

I ask of all my Dreamers here to consider supporting us both and helping us both thrive onward by ordering a tee.We've poured so much love into this project and it'd mean so much for you to have this special garment in your collection.


The guidance, feedback, honesty, and support I've received in my time there by the wonderful team - Neal, Remy, Patrick, and Jose - is invaluable and I'm forever grateful for all they've given and done for creatives.

Method Made was the first space to host me, it is a space in which I can explore, express, and expand, and it is where I am finding myself and family. Thank you Method Made for having me and supporting me so much!

You can check out the epic design with more details and pre-order your limited tee today here.

I also am excited to share that you can come hang out with me there every Wednesday! Come on over to 2544 Mission St. SF between noon-7pm and let's enjoy!


Take care y'all!


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