New Art to Ring in a New Year!

New Art to Ring in a New Year!

Happy Weekend Dreamers,

And Happy New Year! I wish you all the best as we transition, reset, and begin anew. It's awesome to be with you again so soon as I haven't shared entries as frequently in the past. I'm excited to be here and hopeful to share more through this blog and interface this year.

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Okay okay, now to the fun part!!! New art!!! 

Presenting my latest and last piece of 2023:

I'd like for you to meet my longtime friend:
Miss Moonflower.
She's a simple, sweet spirit who grounds me, reminds me of who I am, and is an ode to my intuition.

I've drawn flowers (just the petals/center) like her since my youth, & she's got lots of textures and layers from her past - just like you and I.

I physically/symbolically come full circle, close out quite a period of growing pains, finish this piece I started years ago, and I can now keep moving onward in my journey.

I'm so happy to be picking up my brushes again, happy to be feeling more like me, and I'm hopeful for what's to come this year. 


This, along with Revive and the three remaining mandalas were showcased for a New Years event in the San Francisco Mint to ring in 2024.

She'll be up on the site by next week if anyone is ready to give her a home, and in the later future she'll be on some merch.

Stay tuned, and thanks for being here! 

Hope you have a wonderful, safe weekend. 


Amber & Miss Moonflower 

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