Spring is Afoot!

Spring is Afoot!

Greetings, Dreamer!

It's good to be with you here today and back online after experiencing my winter hibernation. Spring is afoot!

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Okay, back to business now  -

I've been in a period of adjustments over these last few months. I've participated in events, but I've been treading lightly. I've participated in more art shows this month than pop up markets, and it's been fun immersing myself more in these spaces. Pop up markets are my best source of income, but they're also the most tiring.

I used to make all of my inventory myself, and while I loved making so much, I also found myself completely burnt out in order to maintain a balanced supply of all that I offer. I still wasn't making the time to paint or work on other projects.

I would have a lot of fun in this space - and still do - but found myself not wanting to give more time and energy into my work. I needed a reset.


So after running slow, processing, reflecting and assessing, I'm starting over once more. I'm hoping to nail down a system in which I can continue to make art, apparel, and accessories without killing myself and my joy over it.

I'm happy to say that I'm slowly incorporating new methods in creating and selling my merchandise, with one example being drop-shipping for certain offerings. I still have control over which materials and designs I want to be printed, but I no longer have to make everything myself and pay all of the upfront costs of production.

I support other US businesses, and it also expands my opportunity to put more of my art into other products. It's been fun designing in this way. :)

I am thinking about my markets more intentionally, so that I don't burn myself out and maximize my selling potential. I've jumped the gun on art shows and am putting myself out there, but it will be good to slow down and widen my focus.

I am still here dreaming big, wanting to make this work for myself and for all so that I may continue. It's not an easy path as an artist, creative, or dreamer - but it is so worth it. The support I've received over time only motivates me to keep voicing and expressing myself in this way, and if I could say I've done any good while I was here - I'm fulfilled.


That being said, here are all of the big updates with what's happening here at DDD:

1) We are launching our Spring/Summer 2024 collection of apparel and more! Items are slowly getting added, but shop what's out and available now here.


This new collection includes new hoodies, shirts, stickers, soap bars, and more may be added over time. Pictured above is my newest limited edition tee - The Dreamer Tee - AVAILABLE HERE!

The mood of this collection really embraces the openness and opportunity to flourish in these seasons.


We see more sun, more daylight, embrace our masculine energy and become so active. When we're active, we are unstoppable. We're forces of nature, riding through life without slowing down, and producing or giving out our energy in different ways.

We've rested plenty and know there's so much in us waiting to blossom.

Perhaps you volunteer at a shelter and help walk dogs more often. Perhaps you go on hikes or bike rides more - maybe even going out of town to experience these adventures. Perhaps you change your line/timing of work.

Adorn, express yourself, and lead a life you desire and love with our new collection.


2) When we Dream together, there's nothing better!

I'm so excited to announce that I have some collaboration projects in motion to create a variety of offerings and experiences together with some amazing fellow creatives.

Keep your eyes out for more information over these next couple weeks, and subscribe to our newsletter to get special previews, first dibs opportunities like saving extra on our products, and more!


3) We're holding ourselves up to the visions and values we wish to experience!

I'm thrilled to be following my gut and my heart in leading this business. Life is not easy, and so an adventure like this is not either. Taking the easy way out does not give us room to evolve.

With the changes that are slowly taking place, I have to celebrate the power of reflection.

I'm reminded of our birthday celebration, and feel proud to be holding myself accountable in making the changes I wish to see. This shot is a reflection from our 2nd birthday celebration, and it's beautiful to be able to witness our own growth.


What is something you celebrate about yourself today?

What has changed over these last few months?

What makes you feel alive? What brings you joy?

Spring is coming.



Use the code SPRINGCLEANING at checkout to take 30% off your entire purchase! thourhg 3.21.24! This does not apply to The Fuerte Hoodie. There are still a range of sizes of clothing available, and plenty of plus sizes available!

All purchases from now through March 21st will receive a FREE, SURPRISE GIFT as well!


I wish you the very best always, and appreciate your support in being here. Stay tuned for the next blog post soon, take care, and don't stop dreaming!

See you soon, Amber.


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