Happy Spring!

Happy Spring!

Happy weekend, and Happy Spring y'all! 🌸

We have made it through another winter here in the western side of the world, and I'm happy to be here. 

Winter is always a nice time to slow down, rest, and regenerate, and can also feel dark, lonely, and quiet. 

The last couple of weeks were a little intense, but there's also been purging, clearing, and lots of thoughts/lessons coming up and making their way out. How was winter for you if you just experienced it as well? 

If you're in another part of the world, how did the past season move for you? 

Ahh to constantly change... 

Anyway! I'm happy to share a load of updates on how things are going here. 


1) My newest design and first design of 2023 is on shirts and called The Virgo Moon Tee. I was inspired by a kids' theme party that I was going to vend at, and it fell through. But now I have these awesome tees, and there's just 2 left! Check em out! :) 

2) I stopped my Patreon page as it wasn't feeling good anymore, but I hope to try again one day if it feels right. For now, subscribing to emails or responding to social media posts are the best way to get first updates, dibs, and special discounts!

3) I'm looking for feedback and reviews! I've had the same reviews on my home page for a while, and also want to know your experiences! If you fill out the form, I will also share a nice discount code for a future purchase as my thanks! :) 

Fill out the form here: 


4) I have couple events coming up next month! I will be showcasing at the Pancakes & Booze art show in LA and vending at the Latina Excellence Networking Brunch in Oakland, all towards the end of April. 

Check out the Calendar page to stay in touch!

*I'm always looking for more events, so if you see a Sunday event - please share if my way! 

5) Last but not least, I've been clearing out the shop and discounting lots of offerings. I'm ready to make more new offerings ASAP and need more space! :) 

I'm planning to finish the mandala series this year, make more coasters, journals, artwork, wearable art... the list goes on! Check out the Sale Offerings and grab something for a deal! 


WHEW!!! That was a load right there haha. If you read this far, use the code BLOGLUV to take 22% off your next order!! :) 

Thanks for reading and following along the journey. 

I wish you the best this next season. Hugs! 


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