Sweden 2022!

Sweden 2022!

Hey everyone!

I wish you well and hope you are doing okay in this time. 

I am back, recovered from jet lag, and excited for what's to come this fall after a busy summer. I wrapped up art camps at my work, and had an intensive, but fun 10 weeks of longer work days. 

Then, we got to celebrate! At my work (a local art school), we have a teacher retreat where we travel, bond, and broaden our horizons. For this years' trip (my first year at this job), we went to Sweden to visit where one of my co-workers are from. 


We stayed on an island, took at least 7 modes of transportation throughout our adventure, ate delicious food, and explored to our hearts' desires. The week definitely presented its challenges, but the rewards were bountiful. I got to connect with my co-workers in ways I didn't imagine, feel revived with my soul-explorer self, and absorb all the differences and eye-catching things. 

Some of my favorite moments from the trip were:

* Visiting the world's oldest open air museum in Skansen (the photo of myself on the horse is from that place)

* Taking a glassblowing class in Skansen, and being in another studio space

* Realizing they don't really tip like we do here! I was blown away when a cashier at a restaurant looked mind-boggled after asking about tipping. 

* Exploring the streets and culture of Stockholm - I loved seeing the architecture, the different streets, and seeing how people live there

* Connecting with my co-workers, and awesome locals I met too! 

I took a photo of this piece I saw while exploring, on "How to be an artist," and I absolutely adore it. I'm lovingly reminded that our paths CAN be different, our ART can be different, and WE can be different. Own yourself and your glory! I AM an artist!!!

After starting this journey (even before starting a small business), I have been met with harsh criticism and words - even from my loved ones. It's amazing to be accepted as I am, cherished, and treated so well here. It's lovely to be carving my own path, owning that path, and shining my light bright as I should. I am looking forward to my new schedule for the fall, as I will have some more time for this space. Are you shining your light? 

With that said, I do have a vending event this Saturday on September 3rd with Aquarian Plants, and hope you will join me if you are in the Bay area! I am excited to be back in action, in person! 

Mention this blog post for a discount! :) 

*More details are on the "Calendar" page.* 

As for the Collection of Clovers, I will be adding some more offerings this week, and look forward to continuing on with all that remains. I am a dreamer, a drifter, and design my life with love, intuition, and wonder.

I wish you a wonderful week ahead. Take good care, and thank you for joining me in the journey. 



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