The Moving Sale/Giveaway Is ON!

The Moving Sale/Giveaway Is ON!

Good Friday , Dreamers.

It's good to be back with you here as the year continues onward, as huge changes are taking place, and we can come together here to take a moment in transition.

My partner and I are moving out of the home we've been in together - and our first space living together - for a good few years now out of surprise, so it has been a huge wake up call and opportunity for the both of us.


I had been feeling more established in this space, and this move has reminded me to stay open to change as it will always come. Before making our big move soon, I thought it could be a fun, win-win chance for us all to gain from our physical goods.

I could just donate these items or pass it along to someone through Craigslist, but I refused and added more layers of love into this move.

For 1 week only from Friday 5.17.24 through Friday 5.24.24, folks can claim/purchase items from this temporary collection of DDD/personal goods.

Portions from this sale will be donated to mutual aid funds/college actions for Palestine.

*The sale and giveaway takes place here!*

Once this post is live, the doors are open to claim/purchase items.


Scroll through this blog post and find groups of items with photos, information, and pricing listed.

Please be mindful of claiming multiple items - try to limit to 3 to give chances to all to participate.

To checkout, please send an email to with the items you are interested in - just the title is fine.

Requests will be fulfilled as they come, so first come first served. You will be contacted and notified if any of the items you wanted are no longer available before confirming and paying for your order.


Everyone pays $3-10 for shipping depending on the size/weight of contents. There are plenty of awesome free items so make it count! There is also an option to meet locally - please include this in your request.

Thank you for supporting my always! I hope you'll help re-home some of these items I've loved and keep up our good work in reducing waste.

I also want to offer some plants for local meet up, so check back here on Monday for additional items!

Take care, Amber.

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