We're Moving Through January!

We're Moving Through January!

Happy Weekend, Dreamers.

It's good to be with you as we wrap up another week. I don't know about you, but this first month of 2024 has been flying by with reflection, action, and transformation.

If you've felt similarly - feeling the feels, letting yourself process and accept, and coming back stronger - I'm there with you! We got this. 


As we near the end of January, I want to keep you updated on what's new, happening, and on the horizon:

~Our retail drop at Method Made SF ends SOON! After 1.23.24, our 3 month drop at this awesome art gallery/retail space ends. Shop the drop here!

I'm grateful for this opportunity to share more wearable art, and to all who supported us during this time. Stop by the shop through Tuesday 1.23.24 to save on shipping and get limited DDD gear before they're gone!

~This month, I dropped off our current DDD stationary products and Empower tees at Sneaker*WAVE DTFB in downtown Fort Bragg, CA. You can shop them there now!

This cute shop is home to over 40+ makers' creations, from jewelry to veggie patties. I'm grateful for this opportunity and invite you to check out the space when you're in town. 

Shoutout to Erin and West for getting me involved!

~ I dropped off my latest projects - painted shoes - to my brother for a birthday commission and surprise this month! I was commissioned to paint a pair of shoes for his friend's birthday, and surprised him with a pair of custom sneakers, too!

They're both Levi's brand shoes, painted with acrylic, and both using characters, symbols, or extra details that both recipients would enjoy. Shout out to my brother for coming to me, trusting me with this idea, and helping in this shoot!

Below are some photos, and check out the awesome video recap here: Custom Shoe Recap

Happy Birthday to them and all you January peeps!!! 
Have an idea in mind for a custom artwork you'd like? Want me to paint something for your loved one? Let's chat, Dream big, and create something epic together! Email me at dreamdrifterdesigns@gmail.com or fill out the Contact Form here.
~ There's a Special Sale going on NOW exclusively for DreamTeam email subscribers! 
Subscribe to our emails today to get special messages, exclusive previews and opportunities to save or purchase certain offerings first, and more! I normally send 1 email a week, sometimes 2!
Current subscribers have the special opportunity right now to save $111 on my newest painting: Miss Moonflower.
I understand that real estate like our walls are prime and large pieces like this really have to call on someone to take them home. So, if you've felt that itch, consider joining the newsletter list and getting a special code to save today. This offer only lasts through the 25th!!!
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~ I'm prepping for my next showcase at the Pancakes & Booze art show starting February 1st! 
I'm excited to be back for my 4th P&B, and 3rd run at Public Works in SF. This show is so fun and I'm looking forward to putting out a couple new pieces for the event. 
Check out the Calendar page for details, and head to the P&B site to get your tickets now! See you there! :)
~ New apparel is coming this Spring, and our next batches of body soap bars are coming in around the beginning of February!
Shop our current, last bars in stock now!
~We're also going to have a fun clear out sale soon to help move the last of our inventory of wearable art designs from last year. I'm ready to make room to have more room for new designs! Stay tuned. 
I'm very excited for what's to come this year, and appreciate you being here. I wish you the best as we end this month and begin anew once more. 
January showed us the power of getting in touch with reality, the good that comes from reflection, and the resilience that rises in our dark moments.
Take care as there are lots of bugs going around and our immune systems could be more sensitive in winter season.
See you soon, and have a great weekend!
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